DN 72 - [Personal] Dreaming and Living a Better Life & Business

DN 72 - [Personal] Dreaming and Living a Better Life & Business

February 24, 2020

Having your own business is the dream of many people, yet something that many people are afraid to step into.


Why are we so afraid to pursue our dream business?


In this Dream Nation episode, we tackle those questions and provide some tips on how you can start to plan your move to a business that is perfect for you. Along the way, Casanova shares his own background that led him into real estate, why he chose real estate, and how he learned to build something bigger than a real estate agent.


What You’ll Learn In this Episode

  • Why you need to write and see your goals to reach your dream life
  • The importance of memories in our life
  • What inspired Casanova to be a real estate agent
  • The “4 Quadrants” in Robert Kiyosaki’s “Cashflow Quadrant” (and Casanova’s experience in each one)
  • Why Casanova chose to become an investor
  • The importance of ownership
  • Casanova’s ultimate goal as an entrepreneur


Play it Back: Key Moments to Listen 

[2:09] Creating a vision for your future


[2:52] Why you need to see your goals every day


[4:20] The importance of choosing goals that work for you


[5:07] The importance of memories


[7:00] How to create your perfect life


[10:38] The 4 Quadrants in “The Cashflow Quadrant”


[15:00] The importance of ownership


Resources to Check Out

Rich Dad, Poor Dad


The Cashflow Quadrant


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DN71 - How to Grow Beyond Your Limitations with Brandi Harvey

DN71 - How to Grow Beyond Your Limitations with Brandi Harvey

February 20, 2020

At Dream Nation, our vision is to help you “dream bigger”...but how do you do that?


How do you dream bigger when you aren’t clear on what your vision is?


How do you dream bigger when you get fired?


How do you dream bigger when you feel overwhelmed?


These are the questions that Brandi Harvey, daughter of multi-millionaire entertainer/business mogul Steve Harvey, shared in a powerfully uplifting episode that covered everything from failure to therapy and obstacles.


If you’re looking for a quick dose of powerful inspiration and a treasure trove of wisdom nuggets, grab a notebook (maybe popcorn) and dive in on this episode!


Here’s What You Missed

  • Dealing with the pressure of creating your own path
  • Why access doesn’t mean progress
  • Talent vs work ethic
  • How to work through feeling lost
  • Building your business from scratch
  • How to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Turning a personal brand into a business
  • Finding mentors...even when you think you can’t
  • Why being fired by Steve Harvey was the best thing that happened to Brandi
  • Why therapy is important


Important Podcast Moments

[1:24] Growing up with a power mindset


[2:58] Being the daughter of Mr. Steve Harvey


[5:34] You can’t live my dreams….


[10:53] How did you build your business from scratch?


[13:42] Motivation


[17:22] Mentoring 


[18:45} What was your biggest failure?


[20:00] Therapy


[23:11] Non-negotiable


[24:00] Living in the overflow


[24:58] Creating boundaries


Quotes to Remember

“I knew in the fourth grade, when I dressed up as a businesswoman for Halloween, that I was going to do something different with my life.”


“I feel like every job I ever had trained me to do this business.”


“I’ve had to put in the work.”


“It’s making sure that I have my eyes and ears open at all times.”


“I wish I would have started therapy early.”


“Therapy is my non-negotiable.”


“I’m always living in the overflow.”


“If you want to step into the ..fullness of your life, you going to have to let go of the little things.”


“If you’re going to be successful, you’re going to have be committed to what’s happening in the middle.”


“It’s your birthright to win.”

Guest Bio

Brandi Harvey is an author, podcaster, speaker, influencer, businesswoman, former executive who turned her own journey to health into a movement creator with a mission to help women of color maximize their health to the fullest impact. .She also happens to be the daughter of celebrity Steve Harvey.



Beyond Her

Breakthrough Sold Separately: Get Out of the Boat of Mediocrity and Walk On Water


@Brandi Harvey on Instagram


Discover the Power Within You


The Untethered Soul


A Better Way to Live


What makes the Great Great?

DN70 - How To Bounce Back after a Huge Mistake with Keir Weimer

DN70 - How To Bounce Back after a Huge Mistake with Keir Weimer

February 17, 2020

There are plenty of articles that cover how to recover from a failed job interview, business interview, or sales launch,


But how do you recover and thrive after going to prison...for the accidental death of one of your friends in one horrible accident?


Keir Weimer had to find out.


In this powerful episode, you’ll hear Keir’s powerful return to author/entrepreneur with 6 businesses and a life of purpose after prison, living on his parent’s couch, getting rejected by 6 graduate schools, and working a year without a single sale.


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why risk taking and failure are NECESSARY if you want to be an entrepreneur
  • Moving past the fear of taking risks
  • Why everything is sales
  • How Keir recovered after prison, rejection, and a year in business without a single sale (He made millions the next year)
  • Taking full ownership of your life….no matter what happens in your environment
  • The reason every habit matters
  • Finding your purpose after a big mistake
  • How to rebuild your life, day by day


Podcast Stopping Points

[1:44] Keir’s childhood and its impact on his life


[5:13] How and why did you take the leap into entrepreneurship


[7:06] What if I’m not good at sales?


[11:00] Keir’s BIG, life-transforming mistake-


[15:57] Keir’s new pivot in life...and what powers that mission


[19:20] What was your “Aha moment?” 


[22:32] How did you develop your business and relationships after prison?


[28:04} One resource that leveled up Keir’s mind

Power Quotes from Our Guest

"There is a risk when we go after our dreams.”


“That belief in my own resourcefulness gave me a lot of power.”


“We should remain teachable, but be resourceful and resilient.”


“I look at sales as a way to add value and be the connector.”


“I made a horrible and fateful decision to drive us all home...On that trip home, we got into an accident and my friend passed away.”


“I said ‘You know what...at 30, I’m going to create a life I’m proud of.”


“When we develop a vision for our life, we can work through anything.”


“We can choose who we’re friends with, where we spend our time, and what behavior we engage in.”


“Our behavior becomes our legacy.”


“When I forgave myself...that’s when the world opened up. Every day has gotten better.”


“Nobody makes it on their own. We are a collection…”


“No matter how many doors are shut, don’t ever give up...There’s always a path.”


“Don’t try to take on the world in one thought or one idea.”


“Just do the next right thing.”

Resources to Check Out

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

About Our Guest

Keit Weimer is a real estate investor, best-selling author, luxury real estate business owner who rebuilt his life on purpose after serving time in prison for the accidental death of his friend while in college.


Keir Weimer’s website


Keir Weimer’s new book

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DN69 - How To Leverage Frustration & Buy back the Block with Chris “Invstr” Senegal

DN69 - How To Leverage Frustration & Buy back the Block with Chris “Invstr” Senegal

February 13, 2020

Many people have heard about the money-making power of real estate and want to dive in, but they’re afraid because they don’t have the money, knowledge, or connections to get started.


Chris Senegal was in the same boat. He took the corporate route to the “American Dream.” He got the good grades, got the corporate job, and made the big money as an engineer.


But he noticed something.


Everyone, especially his bosses and supervisors, were unhappy.


They had reached the top of the career ladder, but found it empty.


Chris decided he needed to get out.


He ended up choosing real estate as his exit strategy….without lots of money or connections...as a beginner.A journey that involved flipping houses and turned into a crowdfunding and socially transforming real estate empire that he uses to mentor others.


Find out more about how Chris was able to jump into real estate and what he advises for anyone looking to upgrade their entrepreneurship to the next level.


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Planning your exit strategy from the 9-5
  • Why your current boss at the J-O_B is the key to your exit strategy
  • Becoming an entrepreneur without a current role model in your life
  • The difference between being a solo entrepreneur and a boss
  • How do I start flipping houses?
  • What is crowdfunding?
  • Taking crowdfunding to a new level with “Buy the Block”
  • Why NOW is the best time to get started in real estate
  • The Success Triangle-Your key to transforming relationships into profit
  • How to upgrade your mentoring hustle
  • How to find a mentor with no money
  • Why entrepreneurship and passion is about persistence and patience

Podcast Stopping Points

[1:28] How to leave a good-paying corporate job for a higher-paying dream


[3:50] Where did your entrepreneurial spirit come from?


[6:22] The top 3 books to shift into a boss mindset


[7:54] Why did you choose real estate?


[10:00] How to make the jump into full-time real estate investing


[11:33] Flipping houses


[20:00] The philosophy behind “Buy the Block”


[28:15] What are 3 people every real estate investor needs to know?


[28:50] The Success Triangle


{32:25} Last book that changed your life


{33:30} Taking action...and winning your entrepreneurial journey


[35:00] Mentoring

Power Quotes from Our Guest

"I’ve always been an ambitious kid.”


“On my off time, I was focused on flipping houses.”


“I just wanted to figure out how I can do something bigger...and have an impact on the community.”


“The name of the game in building wealth is leverage.”


“I try to be creative in every deal…”


“All it takes is one home run..”

Resources to Check Out

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


The Four Hour Week by Tim Ferriss


Buy the Block


Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy


About Our Guest

Chris Senegal is former engineer turned entrepreneur, public speaker and real estate investor/developer who leveraged 


Christopher Senegal’s website


Side Hustle 101


Christopher Senegal on Instagram

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DN68 - From Network to Networth: 5 Power Keys to a Better Network

DN68 - From Network to Networth: 5 Power Keys to a Better Network

February 10, 2020

Building a strong network is something every professional strives for, but what do you do with it once you have it?


How do you leverage your network to actually increase your net worth?


There are principles that you need to understand in order to get started. These principles, which helped transform Casanova from an ordinary real estate agent into an award-winning, million-dollar selling real estate investor and speaker, are the focus of this Dream Nation episode.


Tune in if to learn how to turn your relationships into profit and your conversations into cash using 5 basic principles faster than you thought possible.


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why are relationships the key to making money?
  • How to build a career when you have no degree...and have to start over from scratch
  • Casanova’s own personal story of relationship building through his career
  • Why networking should not be focused on YOU
  • Pro tips for thriving (instead of just surviving) at network event
  • How to get more sales
  • Why sales shouldn’t be about confrontation (and what it should be about instead)
  • The keys to building stronger relationships faster 


Play it Back: Key Moments in the Podcast 

[1:10] The power of building relationships


[1:51]  Casanova’s personal story and career...built from scratch without a college degree


[2:51] Tips for building the right relationships for your network


[3:47] A pro hack to improve your success at networking events


[5:33] Don’t argue in sales


[10:40] Build something important


Power Quotes from Our Guest

“You have to be able to communicate.”


“People want to be understood.”


“Make sure to focus and appeal to the part of them [your client} that wants to be more noble.”

Resources to Check Out

Setting Goals for Your 2020

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DN67 - How To Build Meaningful Relationships Faster

DN67 - How To Build Meaningful Relationships Faster

February 6, 2020

No man is an island. Each and every one of us is navigating through life, exchanging goods and services with others and forming relationships on the way.

These relationships are not only important but essential to for our well being. In this short episode I'll share with you the 5 tips that brought me the best results to become a successful employee and through this inevitably a business owner. It's not about what you know and not even who you know: It's who knows you.

Write us your business relationship tips to team@dreamnationpodcast.com

DN66 - How To Become A Peak Performer

DN66 - How To Become A Peak Performer

February 3, 2020

In this age of social media it's very easy to fall in the trap of comparison. To consider someone else a "Peak Performer" and to overlook our own achievements in our own environment and circumstances.

I wanted to make this episode for you in case you're in this situation, to let you know that comparison is the thief of joy and that becoming that Peak Performer is all about the mindset.


- How to execute mindful parenting to foster confidence in our children.

- How people put their fears on us and how to unlearn them.

- Building a support network through relationships.

- "The only way to get to it is to get through it"

I wanted to thank you all for supporting this podcast, our mission is to empower you to build a life by your design, please let us know through your reviews if this has been valuable and help us take it to the next level.

Write us at team@dreamnationpodcast.com

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DN65 - Kobe Bryan Tribute - Lessons In The Game Of Life

DN65 - Kobe Bryan Tribute - Lessons In The Game Of Life

January 30, 2020

Last week the passing of Kobe took the world by surprise, the loss of such a monumental and influential figure will be part of this years and even this decade's saddest moments, the man becomes a myth. I invite you to look at his life and his path as inspiration.

In this short episode I talk about how Kobe inspired me to be the best I can be, every day.


- How do you measure your impact on other people

- Adapting to unconventional environments and circumstances

- The power of relationships in sports and in life

- Creating habits to achieve greatness

- Excellence is a choice we take every day

Rest in peace Black Mamba & Mambacita.

I invite you all to share what Kobe meant for you and what you remember from him. In The Dream we trust.

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DN64 - Why Everyone Can (and Should) Negotiate Like a Boss with Expert Jacqueline Twillie:

DN64 - Why Everyone Can (and Should) Negotiate Like a Boss with Expert Jacqueline Twillie:

January 27, 2020

When we think of negotiation, most of us often think about well-dressed men in business suits arguing through lawyers for a bigger cut of a business deal.


But, as Jacqueline Twillie points out, this picture is completely inaccurate. 


Negotiation, as she has come to learn, is something that everyone does. Whether you ask someone for an extra piece of pie or a boss for a raise, everyone negotiates.


Unfortunately, we assume that negotiation is for “other people”. We assume that negotiation is for boardrooms, business deals, and shuffling papers around with your lawyers.


That belief is holding you back.


Negotiation is a powerful skill for anyone pursuing their dream. To reach your dream, you have to build relationships and get resources. That involves communicating your value and worth in a way that motivates others to help you get what you need.


Value and worth. That’s what you need to reach your dream and negotiation is one of the tools you need to get it.


In this powerful episode, we talk with master negotiator Jacqueline Twillie about the power of negotiation and why we sharpen our negotiating skills to make more money, start a business, and achieve what we want in life.


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How do I negotiate?
  • The LATTE negotiation method for solving problems
  • How to negotiate on your job for higher pay
  • Negotiating as an entrepreneur
  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • Why women need to negotiate more
  • Being comfortable talking about money
  • Getting paid more for your value


Play it Back: Key Moments in the Podcast 

[0:57] Jacqueline’s origin’s story


[3:45]  How Jacqueline found her path


[5:39] How do you negotiate?


[6:20] Can you become a better negotiator?


[8:00] The LATTE Method to Negotiation


[10:35] Negotiating on your job


[15:00] Negotiation as an entrepreneur


[19:40] Dealing with Imposter’s Syndrome


[23:00] Negotiation tips for women


[30:00] How did you grow as a negotiator?

Power Quotes from Our Guest

"I love lattes, donuts, and tacos.”


““We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” (Walt Disney)


“I had a 3-year old 6-year old, and 12-year old handing out with me for a week. Let me tell you they negotiate like nobody’s business.”


[Negotiation]...is all about asking questions.


“You want to express the value you add...and you want to be paid on the value that you add.”


“When I found out about the wage gap, I was pissed off.”


Resources to Check Out







The Power of Focus


About Out Guest

Jacqueline Twillie is the founder and president of Zero Gap, a best-seling author, leadership strategist, and training consultant who trains individuals and companies in problem-solving situations.










Jacqueline’s courses


Zero Gap


Jacqueline’s books on Amazon

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DN63 - Recovering Your Purpose

DN63 - Recovering Your Purpose

January 23, 2020

There's a reason we always talk about building "A Life By YOUR Design". In this episode we'll talk about how to find or reclaim your PURPOSE in this life.

So many times we are taught by others what our purpose should be, following what they know and the time and environment THEY grew up in. Of course it doesn't have to be that way!

Power topics:

- Learning to take responsibility from our actions and decisions

- Redirecting how we respond to things that happens to us

- Using a sincere positive outlook to improve yourself and your environment


"Working with the negatives can make for better pictures" - Drake


Head to casanovabrooks.com for more resources!