DN61 - Is YouTube The Best Future for My Kid?

January 16, 2020

This podcast is for the parents, the ones who look wish the best for their kids, while navigating a world where kids can make millions playing video games on YouTube. Casanova shares his top advice about how parents (and their kids) can choose profitable, valuable, and purpose-driven work.


What We’re Discussing

  • The 3 essential pathways to make money
  • How to find your and develop your skills into value that earns money
  • Choosing a career in 2020 vs a few years ago
  • Should your kid focus on building a brand, a business, or a career?
  • Why kids have an advantage over adults
  • Why “YouTube careers” may be a struggle for parents in the future

Podcast Stopping Points

[2:00] What are the 3 pathways to making money?


[2:43] How do I figure out how I can make money?


[3:40] Developing Your skills


[5:00] The difference between making money in the past vs making money in 2020


[9:33] An invitation to parents: What do you think?


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Power Quotes

“We can make millions doing what we love.”

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