DN62 - [Personal] Dealing with the Difficult Days: Confronting Entrepreneurial Depression

DN62 - [Personal] Dealing with the Difficult Days: Confronting Entrepreneurial Depression

January 20, 2020

Pursuing the entrepreneurial path can be a very rewarding career, but it can also be a lonely one. There are plenty of ups and downs in the journey. There are long hours, uncertain days, and times when it seems like nothing is working out like it should.


In those times, entrepreneurs have to dig deep.


That is what this podcast episode is about. These are the days when our friends (or loved ones) don’t believe in our dreams, when our doubts get the better of us, or the obstacles in our path seem bigger.


It in those times, entrepreneurs need guidance on how to make it through.


The problem is, there aren’t many people that like to talk about. People like to focus on the money, talk about the deals, and the vacations.


They don’t like to get real.


That’s why Casanova gets real in this episode and talks about loneliness, confusion, and depression. He gives 4 powerful tips he learned after going through his own difficult times.You’ll learn why entrepreneurs (especially real estate agents) fail in their first few years and how you can beat the odds with just four simple principles


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why is entrepreneurship so hard sometimes?
  • How to succeed in competitive fields, like real estate (9 out of 10 won’t make it)
  • What you need to do to break out of the day-to-day grind of entrepreneurship
  • Tips for dealing with the difficult days as an entrepreneur
  • Why you should go for a life beyond just “happy”
  • Why you can’t change people (and shouldn’t even try
  • Why you should ask more questions
  • The power of affirmations
  • Why you need to protect your energy (and how to do it)
  • Leading by example


Podcast Stopping Points

[2:30] Dealing with the competition of entrepreneurship


[4:20] How to survive in real estate


[7:40] The “end goal” of entrepreneurship is… (Hint: Many entrepreneurs miss this!)


[10:00] 4 tips for better emotional and mental health as an entrepreneur

Power Quotes from Casanova

"... our toughest battle is overcoming our own mental challenges.”


“Real estate is the easiest industry to enter...but the hardest to be successful at.”


“The test, in itself, does not teach you how to sell real estate.”


“I feel like real estate is the purest form of entrepreneurship..”


“Most people will settle in life.”


“When you are the happiest in your life?”

Resources to Check Out

Why So Many Real Estate Agents Fail After 2 Years (and How Not to)


The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship


The Secret Cause of Burnout and How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid It

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DN61 - Is YouTube The Best Future for My Kid?

DN61 - Is YouTube The Best Future for My Kid?

January 16, 2020

This podcast is for the parents, the ones who look wish the best for their kids, while navigating a world where kids can make millions playing video games on YouTube. Casanova shares his top advice about how parents (and their kids) can choose profitable, valuable, and purpose-driven work.


What We’re Discussing

  • The 3 essential pathways to make money
  • How to find your and develop your skills into value that earns money
  • Choosing a career in 2020 vs a few years ago
  • Should your kid focus on building a brand, a business, or a career?
  • Why kids have an advantage over adults
  • Why “YouTube careers” may be a struggle for parents in the future

Podcast Stopping Points

[2:00] What are the 3 pathways to making money?


[2:43] How do I figure out how I can make money?


[3:40] Developing Your skills


[5:00] The difference between making money in the past vs making money in 2020


[9:33] An invitation to parents: What do you think?


(Remember to reach out to us with your comments at team@casanovabrooks.com)


Power Quotes

“We can make millions doing what we love.”

Resources to Check Out

10 Kid YouTubers Making Millions With Videos & Social Media


An 8-Year-Old Made $26 Million on YouTube This Year, Topping a 5-Year-Old Who Made $18 Million


How video games turn teenagers into millionaires


Your Kid Wants to Be a YouTuber? There’s a Camp for That


YouTube Parent Resources

DN60 - Millionaire in the Making: Building a Wealthier Home with 8 Streams of Income

DN60 - Millionaire in the Making: Building a Wealthier Home with 8 Streams of Income

January 13, 2020

How do you become a millionaire?


If you ask most of us, the answer is “get the winning lotto ticket” or “have a rich parent”.


The truth is, you don’t need either one. You can build your wealth right now using the same steps the millionaires do, multiple income streams.


As Casanova shares, multiple income streams are the key to building and staying . 


Multiple income streams are also the key to surviving. Even if you don’t want to become a millionaire (or believe you will ever be one), having multiple income streams is important. In this fast-paced world of job changes, automation, and more, you can’t rely solely on one source of income like you could in the past.


Now is the time to get started. 


Find out how you can set up multiple streams of income (most of them don’t even require leaving home) so that you and your loved ones will have money in an unpredictable future.

 What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What does having multiple streams of income mean?
  • How do you stay ahead of the curve with your money?
  • Where did Jay-Z get his wealth?
  • Why you can’t just rely on one income
  • Tax hacks with rental income
  • Building 8 streams of income

Play it Back: Key Moments in the Podcast 

[0:18] What does it mean to have multiple streams of income?


[3:48] Earned income


[5:24] Profit income


[6:11] Interest income


[7:17] Residual income


[8:05] Dividend income


[9:21] Rental income


[10:42] Capital gain income


[12:15] Royalties


Resources to check out





Amazon KDP


Don’t F**k This Up (Kevin Hart) YouTube Trailer)


Power Quotes from Our Casanova

.A bank can give up $10 for every $1 they bring in.”


“In today’s society, no longer is it an option to have more than one stream of income. It’s a necessity.”

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DN59 - Charles Oglesby Interview

DN59 - Charles Oglesby Interview

January 9, 2020

How do you turn your gift into a business? How do you turn your passion, your interests, and your skills into a profitable business?


How do you create a business and life that is bigger than you? 


You start with what you have.


For Charles Oglessby (aka Todd Capital)  that meant a college degree, an alter ego, and a desire to to be the entrepreneur he read about in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.


In this DN podcast, we’re going to talk with an entrepreneur who built his business by connecting the dots between his skill, his knowledge, and the resources around him to create a bigger and better life.


We talk to him about what the life lessons that prepared him to become the owner of multiple successful businesses and how he is leveraging those lessons to become a bigger businessman in the future.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The importance of mentors in a child’s life
  • The ONE thing that Charles did that changed his mindset forever
  • Environment vs Hustle: Can your environment make you hustle more?
  • Turning your gift into cash
  • What working in private banking taught him about cash
  • What is an LLC and how can it help my business?
  • How to evolve as an entrepreneur from businessman to business mogul


Podcast Stopping Points

[1:39] Charles’ Childhood


[4:08] Learning from mentors


[4:30] What made you want to become an entrepreneur?


[6:47] How does the environment influence your hustle?


[13:18] The origins of Todd Capital


[16:10] Using your alter ego as a superhero


[37:13] What are the basics of creating an LLC?

Power Quotes

“I’ve always been somebody who has head on straight.”


“I knew I was going places.”


“Every degree is a business.”


“I never wanted to compete with the masses…..”


“There’s not just money at the top.”


“People only know you as what you present.”


“Before I was starting a business to make money, now I just attack problems.”


“It’s OK to hop out there and look foolish.”

Resources to Check Out

Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki


The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone


Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast


About Our Guest

Charles Oglesby III (aka Todd Capital) is a serial entrepreneur, investment officer, podcaster, and author who took the lessons from his parents (and other mentors), his college degrees, an alter ego and inspiration from Robert Kiyosaki’s book to create a business than his reality.


Charles’ website


Charles on LinkedIn


Todd Capital Investment Club


Todd Capital on Gumroad

DN58 - Setting Goals For Your 2020

DN58 - Setting Goals For Your 2020

January 6, 2020

It's a new year and a blank calendar for you to fill in with meaningful that brings you real value, time to enjoy with your loved ones and a life by your design.

Having a plan allows us to dedicate our various resources to achieving a goal. In this quick episode I share with you how to plan your year, how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to benchmark our progress with the one of those around us, realistically.

Season 2 of the DreamNation Podcast comes packed with tips, interviews, insider knowledge and motivation for you to crush it in 2020, stay tuned!

Go to https://realestatecf.net/ to start owning and/or renting a real estate property within 30 days!

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DN57 - Ivan Estrada: Building Your Dream & Legacy in Real Estate

DN57 - Ivan Estrada: Building Your Dream & Legacy in Real Estate

January 2, 2020

How do you build your dreams when no one you know dreams like you? 


How do you keep building your dream when no one supports what you’re trying to do?


Ivan Estrada had to answer both questions...and he did it an awesome way.


In this podcast, Ivan shares the major shifts in his life that got him to where he is today. Ivan shares how he moved from selling candy to selling million dollar properties on his term, his way. 


Tune in to hear his story and the bigger legacy he’s walking toward


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The impact of learning business skills as a child
  • How Ivan used technology to conquer college with ADD
  • Breaking up with a passion-less job to pursue your dream...during a recession
  • How to build you dream when no one else believes in you
  • Getting started with real estate with no real estate experience
  • The big money list-building strategy that completely upgraded his real estate career
  • How to reach people who aren’t in your tribe
  • Why everyone in real estate needs video
  • Growing your social media presence in a crowded marketplace
  • Finding your calling
  • Why you need to run your real estate like a business
  • Why you need to run your real estate business your way
  • Leaving your legacy
  • Why you shouldn’t ask everyone to give you marketing advice

Podcast Stopping Points

[1:07] How did your childhood impact your success?


[3:30] Where do you get the inspiration to dream?


[6:50] What made you finally pursue your dream of real estate?


[9:40] How to get started in real estate with no degree


[11:22] How he successfully survived the first year of his real estate transition


[12:00] Ivan’s list-building strategy


[15:25] Building lists to people outside of your tribe


[20:48] What are your plans for the future?


[25:32] How do you define a successful agent?


[29:12] Most influential resources


[32:01] If you had one sentence to define your life, what would it be?


Power Quotes

"I always wanted to be the first one [in my family] in college...and then own my own business.”


“I had never seen real estate as something a young person would do.”


“There wasn’t one person who said, ‘Congratulations, you’re working on your dream.’.”


“It still takes time to build that foundation.”


“I still knew where I was going.”


“It’s just the business now. You just have to be comfortable on camera.”


“You have to make sure that...you love that you love this business.”


“I don’t think things happen to us. They happen for us.”


“Take action with no fear.”

Resources to Check Out

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It's Not About the Money...It's About Being the Best You Can Be! by Gary Keller


Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book 1 by Neale Walsch


About Our Guest

Ivan Estrada is a broker associate, CPA, and speaker who left an accounting career to build a multi-million dollar business from his passion. Through networking, hard work, as job as a waiter, lots of real estate resources, and persistence, he transitioned to real estate through the economic recession. He has been featured on several national TV shows on HGTV, Bravo, and his local Los Angeles and named one of the top ‘30 Under 30” in real estate agent and an advisory board member for the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.


Ivan’s website


Ivan on YouTube


Ivan on  LinkedIn


Ivan on Facebook


Ivan on Instagram

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DN56 - Identifying The Perfect Business

DN56 - Identifying The Perfect Business

December 30, 2019

This is a short episode that I wanted to get to you ASAP. If you're not satisfied with the way you're generating your income then listen closely to the whole episode.

It starts with knowing yourself and getting in the right mindset, to identify, plan and achieve a life by your design.

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DN55 - Brad Lea Interview

DN55 - Brad Lea Interview

December 26, 2019

This Dream Nation episode is one of the most “real” episodes that you will ever hear about motivation, entrepreneurship, and reaching your dreams.


Brad Lea, “The Real Brad Lea” is an entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, and more who has a powerful message to share with you about success: Don’t be patient, make assumptions, and talk to strangers.




Tired of listening to the same old self-help speeches over and over?


Make sure you tune in, download, and favorite this episode


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why Brad says there are shortcuts to success
  • Unlearning the stupid stuff on your way to success
  • The reason Brad says patience can kill our dreams
  • Can you ever be too impatient with your success?
  • Why you should talk to strangers and value money
  • The innovative idea behind LightSpeed VT
  • Why you should run toward problems (instead of away)
  • Finding mentorship lessons in everyone
  • Stop chasing your dreams (and what to do instead)
  • Fixing your confidence in 3 powerful steps  so you can transform your life

Podcast Stopping Points

[00:47] Who is Brad Lea?


[6:36] “Patience isn’t the answer.”


[13:46] Can you ever be too reckless?


[20:19] Is it wrong to make assumptions in relationships?


[23:04] Why you should value money a lot more than you think


[29:03] “LightSpeed VT is not a program. It is a system.”


[34:01] Why you need MORE problems in your life


[34:52] Finding mentorship in yourself and others


[37:00] “Stop chasing your dream. Start building.”


[44:30} 3 easy steps to level up your confidence so you can build your dreams


Power Quotes

"There is so much that we don’t know and that we need to learn.”


“We have to unlearn the stupid stuff.”


“Patience can kill you, my friend.”


“Raise your activity. Be impatient.”


“Death is the best teacher. The problem is we can’t afford its lessons.”


“You can bring value by not asking me how to bring value.”


“Money does buy happiness if you know where to shop.”


“If you want to make a million dollars, solve a million problems.”


“Most people avoid problems when they should be seeking problems.”


“Problems are opportunities.”


“If you’re paying attention, you should be learning from everyone.”


“Don’t follow your dream. Build your dream.”


“Be very mindful of what you agree to.”

Resources to Check Out

LightSpeed VT


About Our Guest

Brad Lea is the Chairman and CEO of LightSpeed VT, a podcaster, speaker, and business consultant with a powerful mission of sharing motivation, knowledge, and business skills with people who are ready to act.


Brad Lea’s website


Brad Lea on YouTube


Brad Lea on Twitter


Brad Lea on Instagram


Brad Lea on LinkedIn

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DN54 - Finding Your Life Purpose

DN54 - Finding Your Life Purpose

December 23, 2019

In this episode, Casanova covers one of the biggest questions you must answer in life: What is the purpose of my life?  


It’s a simple question but it has a lot of layers to unpack.


So, let’s get to unpacking.


 What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What does “finding your life’s purpose” even mean?
  • Why your biggest purpose isn’t money
  • How to shift from a “take” mentality to a “give” mindset
  • Casanova’s biggest inspiration in business (Hint: This musician makes billions)
  • How to find your gift using 3 (almost) easy steps
  • Why ice cream sandwiches are the best ways to give compliments
  • Appreciating the people right in front of you
  • An inspiring story of the power of relationships


Podcast Stopping Points

[1:22] Making the shift from a “take” to “give” mentality (in a way that a 4-year old can understand it)


[3:27] Casanova’s biggest inspiration


[5:46] The 3 steps to finding your gift


[7:44] The “ice cream sandwich” approach to communication


[15:47] Insight into the daily wins and losses of life


[16:30] Having a trusted friend for emotional support

Power Quotes

"My dad was never in my life so he couldn’t tell me, ‘OK son, here is how you choose your life’s purpose.”


"It’s about...how many people do you help,”


"We’re searching for the forest when we got trees that are already in our face.”


"If I didn’t come from a wealthy family, how do I make sure one comes from me?”

Resources to Check Out

Arc of Spade Champagne and Jay-Z


David Powertalk website


Dream Motivates website


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DN53 - Patrice Washington Interview

DN53 - Patrice Washington Interview

December 19, 2019

On this FIRE episode, Patrice Washington shares with us how she redefined her wealth. From a harsh childhood to a college prodigy, she always knew she wanted to reach her full potential and help others while she's at it.

Building her own path in Real Estate, she became a very succesful investor, and even through a recesion she kept close to her mission, teaching others how to aim higher and reach their goals.

From working with Steve Harvey to writing 4 books and maintaining her blog and podcast, "The American Money Maven" as she's known, is a testimony of the phrase "Chase purpose, not wealth".

Power Quotes:

- "I was running from an upbringing I didn't want, that's where I got my drive and confidence"

-"You can't heal in the same environment that makes you sick"

-"If god gave you a mission, the provisions are there"

-"You don't get what you want, you get what you believe" - Steve Harvey

-"My plan B is to get plan A to work!"

-"Knowledge is one thing, wisdom is knowing how to apply that knowledge"

-"If you know something, it's your responsibility to teach it"

-"You may die at 50% your potential. Your mission is to help the 10-20-30-40%'s that are out there"


Find Patrice Washington at www.patricewashington.com

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